On Paradigm Change, Wisdom, The Cosmic Code, Grace and Consciousness

Paradigm changes always involve the inversion of primacy of the old and new paradigms.

Paradigm changes always involve transformations of primary and pinnacle problematic issues/forces/structures.

Paradigm changes are true and authentic integrations, not mere compromises or amalgams which violate the conditions and/or definitions of integration.

Integration is the very process of Wisdom which is necessarily a trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process which integrates only opposing truth(s), only the highest workabilities and applicabilities, only solutions as opposed to palliatives and the highest ethical considerations of both sides of the opposing duality…to the point of actual thirdness-newness-oneness-wholeness-ongoingness/process.

The Cosmic Code of Wisdom is the trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-consciousness-process:

[ (A x B)    G/C ]  stated as: An integrated Duality within an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-Grace/consciousness-process

The natural philosophical concept that underlies, enables and directs all true human progress, all significant scientific breakthroughs and all paradigm changes is Grace and one or more of its many aspects.

The natural experience of Grace is the complete integration of Space, Time and self awareness and its Cosmic Code expression is:

[ (Space x Time    self awareness ]

Trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process is replete throughout nature, logic, mathematics, the human psyche and science. (the scientific method itself is a trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process, although it too often degenerates into a mere intellectually fragmenting and reductionistic process unless it is informed by Wisdom-Integration-an aspect of the philosophical concept of Grace/Consciousness as, again, are all significant scientific breakthroughs)


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