The Real Systemic Economic and Monetary Problems, The Only Way To Fight or Defend An Idea, and Use of The Cosmic Code To Effect Actual Solutions

The real systemic economic problem is the disequilibrating scarcity ratio of total individual incomes to total costs/prices. The real monetary problem is the monopolistically dominating ideas/paradigms of Debt, Loan and, for enterprise, For Production Only. Each is important to recognize, but the monetary problem is the most important because it goes to the level and depth of the idea/paradigm and hence is both the most potent and yet much more easily compromised and/or distracted from.

The only way to effectively fight an idea is with another idea…of equal level and power. In other words fighting a paradigm requires a paradigm (level) of equal power. The Cosmic Code for this problem’s resolution is:

[ (Debt & Loan Only x Monetary Gifting Directly To the Individual and Reciprocally Back To Enterprise at the Point of sale of Their Retail Product)  <–> Inversion of the Economic Scarcity Ratio Into an Abundance Ratio, the ending of Finance’s dominating monopolistic paradigms, prosperous economic flow, increased individual and economic freedom and systemic free flowingness ]

Ironically, the best way to defend/prevent progress toward changing an idea is to deflect/distract efforts toward change toward reform that is on a lower level of change, especially if it actually may be a necessary reform, and then assume that the problem is actually solved….when in fact it is not.  This is how reform/revolution is undone/co-opted and necessary paradigm change is thwarted. 

This is how Keynesianism ended up being neo-liberal DSGE. It’s also how Public Banking will become merely a cost cutting reform that leaves Finance’s monopolistic paradigms unchanged and hence their covert domination of every other business model and 95% of the general populace still the reality.

Real solutions are always integrated dualities that create an actual third more unified flowing reality/condition…..and The Cosmic Code is the formula/model for attaining and maintaining such solutions.


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