Posted To RWER Blog 05/17/2017

Yes. What we’ll need is a cooperative effort by the helping professions, the clergy and the government to make people more aware of the rewarding multitude of positive and constructive self chosen purposes, in addition to employment, that are available to them….when they would have the leisure time and purchasing power to enjoy them.

The Conscious-Wisdom culture will not only be physically abundant it will be much more ethical, rational and self aware in the highest and best sense….these being some of the component characteristics of Wisdom. The fact is that without enabling and encouraging a Conscious-Wisdom culture…we’re asking for the idiocies, anomie and purposelessness of a Brave New World, especially with technological innovation and AI just beginning to disrupt economies. Politicians, economists, religionists and pundits of every sort are famously short sighted, habituated to old paradigms and consequently (unconsciously) erudite dunces. Raising consciousness, particularly of the aspects of the concept behind every worthwhile progressive step humanity has ever taken as well as every paradigm change….is essential.

Our motto needs to be:

Elevation and Transformation of Thinking First! Integration of Rational, Ethical and Educational disciplines….right along with it!


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