Wisdom and Consciousness: The Fast Track Toward and Signature of Scientific Breakthrough and Paradigm Change

Steve Keen is the best economist on the planet. He’s utilized the reductive, mathematical scientific method to de-bunk neo-liberal macro-economic theory.  I learned many of the conclusions he has come to from another source C. H. Douglas. In turn I have utilized my knowledge of the world’s Wisdom traditions, my own personal experiences of heightened conscious states, curiosity and some reasonable philosophical ability and done the following things:

  1. Fleshed out and recognized the most basic philosophical concept in the history of human progress and scientific breakthrough,
  2. Determined the very process of Wisdom and its pinnacle experience,
  3. Formulated a simultaneously reductive and integrative model one can use to resolve any part and if utilized consistently resolve the entirety of any problem, personal, temporal and/or systemic,
  4. Utilized this model to extend and deepen even the insights and policy prescriptions of C. H. Douglas.
  5. Showed how this model to integrate both the scientific method and the intuitive aspects of human consciousness greatly speeds up the looking/learning/knowing process utilized by the world’s wisdom traditions for millennia and again, how such integrative process has always been both the signature of scientific breakthrough and of paradigm change.

This is Wisdomics and The Cosmic Code


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