Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 05/15/2017

Nice expose of the costliness and rip off nature of the PPP process, the excellent ideas of cost efficiency and a structurally competitive duality of Private and Public Banking and the idea of “helicopter money”.

I would suggest eliminating the idea of “a multiplier effect” as it is conservative orthodoxy that Steve Keen has dis-proven, and even if it were true why give additional money in the form of taxes to the ignorant, unimaginative and/or bought, that plus taxes tend to exacerbate and are not a solution to the real problem which is the system inherently creates a scarcity ratio between total individual incomes and total costs/prices?

I would also suggest you scrap the idea that inflation will not occur or will not be high enough to be harmful as it is liberal orthodoxy that does not account for “Human Action” and inevitable demand pull inflation, that is unless you implement the policy that everyone seems to forget and that would terminally end such “freedom”, i.e. a 30-40% discount to every business model’s retail product that a monetary authority was mandated to rebate back to the enterprises who gave it to their consumers. This along with an abundant dividend would integrate/saturate the economy with Monetary Gifting having the effect of downsizing the market necessity for finance (the one insight/policy necessity/solution Steve Keen hasn’t recognized yet) hence greatly freeing both the individual and enterprise, helping to reduce the overhead costs every business must pay which also contributes to price inflation, enable us to eliminate virtually all transfer taxes and last but not least enable us to navigate the loss of upwards of 40% of current employment in the next 10-15 years causing another economic collapse, and thus not have egg on our faces when such occurs.

Integrate the new paradigm of Monetary Gifting into the economy thus, while not destroying or eliminating the old paradigm of Debt and Loan, resigning its dominating effects to the dustbin of History.

When in doubt….Integrate!


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