Hey Steve Keen, If Primitive Societies Began As Gifting Societies…

in order to stabilize them…why not integrate monetary Gifting for both the individual and enterprise, into the credit/debt system….and in exchange for that stabilizing Gifting their agreement not to de-stabilize such a rational and ethical system?

That way you’re continually discouraging irrational, anti-social and unethical behavior and continually enabling and encouraging freedom, prosperity and graciousness for all in the economic system….which we of necessity have to interact with continually throughout the day and our entire lives.

That kind of continually positive experience could help self actualize graciousness and raise both the rationality and sense of ethics of the entire species.

Ah, graciousness. The all too unconscious concept and experience behind all worthwhile human progress and every paradigm change as well.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics, the New Integrative Economic Theory For a Prosperous, Rational and Ethical Future



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