Posted To RWER Blog 05/10/2017

The problem is actually the arrogance and religiosity of “settled” science itself and in mathematics’ lack of thoroughgoing investigation of all possible dynamic factors that effect modern technologically advanced economies. Economics (and other human systems as well) requires an old mental discipline that includes and integrates the reductive scientific method and its holistic opposite mental mode of thought. This is what is known as Wisdom and in fact such integrations of science and an aspect or aspects of consciousness like imagination, visualization, openness to new, different and even “absurd” ideas has always been the signature of scientific breakthrough. There would be no relativity or space-time concept without Einstein’s imaginative proclivities.History is replete with the value of integrating opposites which is the very process of Wisdom.

Integrate the overweening monopolistic power of the monetary and financial paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY with the intelligent application of a new paradigm of direct and reciprocal monetary Gifting and you’ll have accomplished Wisdom regarding money systems, economics and the 5000 year old dominance of the business model of Finance.

Isn’t 5000 years long enough for a monopolistic paradigm? Especially in what is supposedly a free market system.


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