Posted To Coppola Comment 05/09/2017

The problem is neither Baby boomers nor any other generation, but rather everyone’s failure to comprehend the new monetary paradigm required to extricate ourselves from both the current austerity and the long term monopolistic financial paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY. Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting is absolutely necessary or the business model of Finance will continue to dominate every other business model and 95% of the general populace….until the wheels really fall off and we blow civilization to smithereens or become the complete cattle that Finance would like us to be.

We’ve all failed to comprehend. We all need to wake up….as soon as possible.

What is missing here is the fact that Finance’s enforced monopolistic paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY prevent possible prosperity for all and also unnecessarily binds business to their austere system. If we had the good sense to take control of both monetary policy and the pricing system this problem could be solved for all. For instance, implement a direct universal dividend to the individual and also implement a discount policy of say 30% for every business model’s retail product (that is its product to the next business model in the economic/productive process as well as at final retail sale) that was rebated back to them by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so and you will have solved both modern economies’ chronic scarcity of demand and simultaneously done the supposed impossible, i.e. harmlessly integrated price deflation into profit making systems.

Or we can continue to allow Finance’s dominating paradigms of Debt and Loan ONLY to prevent such solutions. If you honestly look at it for a moment the correct decision is a “no brainer”.


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