Wisdom/Integration: Overturning The Religiosity of Science

The economy is unstable, inherently unstable. General Equilibrium Theory/Market worship cannot countenance this. Hence it has become an orthodoxy, a religion. Ironically, a traditionally religious concept actually is the solution to temporal/physical universe economic stability. Life in times of paradigm change is rife with irony, and most people cannot see the necessary change of thinking that looms….because they’re stuck in one orthodoxy or another. The key is the very process of Wisdom which is integrating truths in apparently opposing viewpoints. It’s astonishingly simple, but the orthodox ego involved viewpoint….finds this process virtually impossible.

Paradigms are generally accepted ideas, and so psychologically, religions as such. The primary scientific obstacle to accepting the new economic and monetary paradigm of Monetary Grace as in Gifting is its traditionally religious character which orthodox science tends to exclusionarily and hence unscientifically react to. Again, integration of truths is the answer.


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