Wisdom and The Correct Character of The Policies of Paradigm Change (Opposition, Alignment, Reflectivity, Inversion and Reversal of Primacy and General Reality

Wisdom is the integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposites.

Paradigm changes are always philosophical and primacy inversions of the old paradigm and new resolving policies must align with the realities of the new paradigm and will also have the same character as the problem resolve. The new paradigm will also saturate the economy and replace the reality of the old paradigm’s saturation of same.

Example: Monetary Grace as in Free Gifting is an inversion of the old monetary and financial paradigms of Debt, Loan and for commerce, for production only. Grace is not scarce, and the problematic ratio that Gifting resolves is the inherent systemic scarcity of total individual incomes in ratio to total costs/prices (i.e. the rate of flow of total individual incomes is inherently less than the rate of flow of total costs/prices simultaneously produced) The effect of this ratio is contrary to the old paradigm of general equilibrium so the new paradigm is disequilibrium. Thus the resolving policies are also inverted/inversion ratios (create a rate of flow of total individual incomes that is greater than the rate of flow of total costs/prices via an abundant (middle class guarantee) universal dividend and invert prices with a discount at the retail product of every business model that is rebated back to the business model giving it, thus saturating the economy with monetary grace as in Gifting replacing the saturation of indebtedness.).



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