Posted To RWER Blog 04/28/2017

There are obviously truths on both sides of almost any perspective. Wisdom is the willingness and ability to discern and integrate the truths in seeming opposites in such a way that resolution of complex problems occur and a third more unified, more workable and more ethical whole is the result. Wisdom has always been a highly sought after trait and ability, and rightly so. In a world of general intellectual, political and particularly economic unwillingness
and/or inability to integrate the truths in opposing perspectives a formula, a code to enable the process of Wisdom would be an invaluable tool, a reductionist way of accomplishing an ability that has a large component of intuition. Wisdom actually is the integration of the opposite modes of thought known as reductionism and intuition.

Try this:

[ (1t x -1t) <–> 3/1 ] where t is a truth, x is the sign for integration and  <–>  is the sign for the integrative relationship between the opposing duality within the parentheses and the thirdness and oneness of its integration and the brackets [     ] an integrative trinity-unity-oneness-wholeness-process


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