Wisdomics is the application of the process (integration of truths) and the insights of Wisdom to economics and the money system. Wisdomics is the closer look, the deeper analysis and the more ethical and responsible solution to economic and monetary problems.

The concept of trinity-unity is a well established one philosophically and naturally.

Because of the well established philosophical and natural concept of trinity-unity a formula that defined and applied the concept of trinity-unity would be extremely powerful and valuable in the temporal/physical universe.

Ideas, especially generally held ideas, i.e. paradigms have deeper and more long lasting effects than structural reforms. If you change a paradigm, you immediately change a significant idea in the heads of virtually everyone. How powerful and transformative would that be?

A structural reform that aligns with an idea and/or a general idea/paradigm is also very powerful.

The new monetary paradigm is Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.

Public Banking is a structural reform that is aligned with the new monetary paradigm of Direct and Reciprocal Monetary Gifting.


The Flow of   Start, Change and Stop

The fact that everything in the temporal/physical universe must follow a three step process known as Start, Change and Stop is a Wisdom insight. That insight is incredibly powerful when it is appropriately and timely applied to economic and monetary policy. Understanding S,C & Stop with Wisdom enables one to cut through all of the complexity of the economy and see that the stopping points of the economy are ideal places and times to implement monetary and economic policy because at that precise place and time in the economy, that is at each business model’s retail product’s sale, is where costs and prices for that item or service are terminally summed, that business model’s economic process of production ends and is transformed into consumption. Thus you can implement a discount policy on prices then and there and it will be completely unobtrusive to the entire process of price determination, and if you empower a monetary authority to rebate every cent of the discount an enterprise gives to its consumer, then the enterprise, the consumer and the entire system are benefited. The consumer with lower prices, the enterprise with the ability to sell its product at a discount which will increase sales and profits and yet still get his full best competitive price via the rebate, and the entire system because its vector, its thrust is toward price deflation, increased individual income, a downsizing of the market and necessity of Debt for Finance and hence a continuing prosperous free flowingness to the economy as opposed to scarcity of income, the business cycle and periodic disasters like we had in 2008.

Another monetary insight from SC & Stop coupled with the discount policy above is that if you distributed an amount of money monthly that enabled a satisfactory lifestyle whether one was employed or not, then one could dispense with the taxes both individuals and businesses pay for welfare, unemployment insurance and even social security. Again, the saturation of the economy with monetary Gifting as opposed to debt, the encompassment of the entire economy by it via a sufficiently abundant universal dividend and the strategic placement of a direct monetary distribution at the point of retail product sale would de-throne and de-tooth the dominant, dominating and manipulative business model of Finance and free every individual, every business model and the entire economy.


Operation Wisdomics: A potential grass roots movement to enlighten and unite the small to medium sized business community, students, democratic, republican and all political advocates about the integrative and universal policies of Wisdomics and how these policies can accomplish much more of both of the agendas of both republicans and democrats.  List of accomplishments:

truly abundant economic democracy,

rejuvenation and the very survival of profit making economic systems,

elimination of most if not all of re-distributive taxation, making it legitimately possible to downsize or even eliminate certain government bureaucracies,

the end of the dominance of Finance over the rest of the economy,

changing the direction of the economy from inflationary to deflationary and yet maintaining their profit making character and actually making them more profitable,

enabling the general populace to “take the deep breath” of secure and relatively abundant income while expanding their awareness of and ability to create self determined purposes for themselves as opposed to being forced into the almost exclusively narrow purpose of employment and the failed experiment of homo economicus that Finance has foisted upon them

Part of a Wisdomics economy would be a cooperative effort on the part of the clergy, the helping professions and a government service program like the one used to lower the smoking rate in the 70’s and 80’s that helped make them more aware of all of the positive and constructive purposes they could participate in in a leisure society and also help them to choose such.



The Aspects of the Philosophical Concept of Grace

Grace is a traditionally religious concept. Wisdomics would neither advocate for anyone’s religious concept of Grace, nor try to invalidate their beliefs in any way. Wisdomics would only educate and advocate for the application of the philosophical aspects of the concept of Grace into the economy and money system. The primary aspects of the philosophical concept of Grace are:  abundance, [balance, equilibrium and flow] which is a trinity-unity, freedom, free flowingness, directness, focused effortlessness, good will as opposed to dominance and power

The History of Paradigm Change

The history of paradigm change and genuine human progress is the the history of man becoming more consciously aware of an aspect or aspects of the Wisdom (not necessarily religious) concept of grace.  Examples:

Hunting and Gathering (Scarcity of resources in the immediate environment) to Agriculture (abundance of resources in immediate environment). Grace as in abundance.

Hand written communication to Gutenberg Press
Grace as in focused effortlessness and increased abundance of education and communication

The Reformation Grace as in a direct relationship with God as opposed to only via the Sacraments of the dominant institution of the Church (the analogy to Finance is replete)

Handcrafts to Technological Innovation
Grace as in abundant productivity and decreased necessity of human effort/increased leisure to contemplate grace

Mass Production to Cybernetics and AI
Grace as lessening of necessity of human economic effort and even input, generalized abundance of production, communication, knowledge, leisure, trend toward increased self awareness and consciousness and also trend toward awareness of freedom and expansion of positive and constructive human purposes as opposed to the concept of homo economicus (scarcity paradigm toward and dominance of employment as exclusive economic means for the individual)

Public Banking as a counterbalancing structural reform to the dominant structural force of private finance Grace as in balance, the cardinal virtue of prudence and the cardinal virtue of business which is thrift

And the new monetary paradigm of Grace as in Gifting as opposed to Finance’s enforced and dominating paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only for Enterprise is the latest, greatest and most freeing increased awareness of the natural philosophical concept of Grace

New paradigms are always absurd almost all the way up to when they are considered the new absolute truth. Why? Partly because old paradigms are general habitual ways of thinking, and also because new paradigms have always been complete inversions of old ones as well as “the new stable datum” and Mankind unfortunately disdains changing its mind because it requires both a tolerance of ambiguity and the process causes him some discomfiture.


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