Selling Short: An Economic Vice That Will Largely Disappear….If We Implement The New Monetary Paradigm of Direct Monetary Gifting.

The problem with modern economies is they are inherently cost inflationary due to the ever increasing additional costs over and above the costs of finance which makes them inherently individual income deflationary.

If this problem were resolved by directly and hence costlessly distributing an additional amount of money to the individual over and above any income earned from employment, and also implementing a retail product discount of relatively high percentage, say 25% and up, that was rebated back to the enterprise granting that discount by a monetary authority mandated to do so, then demand would never be short, prices would always be lowering….and the impulse to sell short would virtually disappear because, barring  the destructive activity known as war, the investment environment would always be positive and values thus would generally be upward.

The only thing that could disrupt such policies would be a concerted anti-social effort on the part a wealthy clique  fomented by a financial clique to short anyway and/or to foment war as a means of value destruction. And any such actions should be anticipated….and immediately met with such cliques being taxed, fined, and if shown to be repeat offenders, tried and incarcerated post haste.

Get real.


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