Virtually Every Politician and Nearly All Economists: Financial Dominance Deniers

We hear a lot today about Climate Change Deniers, however an actually more pressing problem is Financial Dominance Denial. The business model of Finance dominates every other business model and probably upwards of 95% of the general populace with its utterly enforced monetary paradigms of Only Debt, Only Loan and Only For Production For Enterprise.  Upwards of 80% of businesses go bankrupt within 3 years. It’s very difficult to stay in business, and with the additional costs of various taxes (welfare, unemployment and Social Security taxes) designed to make businesses in general do the job of financing the negative effects of the general scarcity of individual incomes….is it any wonder why businessmen resist the idea of additional taxation? Of course not.

What if instead of allowing Finance to enforce its self serving paradigm of only distributing credit for production, we created a monetary authority to aid businesses to be more profitable by rebating them all a discount to their prices that they gave to their consumers? And if we also implemented a universal dividend payment to everyone 18 and older and re-defined the idea of full time employment to 20 hours per week we could have full employment, general wealth distribution and no need to tax businesses and individuals to re-distribute income to combat the negative effects of the general scarcity of individual income.

Why should business be responsible for what is obviously the job of Finance which is to make sure enough money exists to enable the economy to flow freely?

If your political representative isn’t smart enough to think outside of the box of Debt and Loan and For production Only….or lets the money they get from the very wealthy private Banks turn their heads…..wake them up about this…so that your business and everyone can be more prosperous.


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