Some Definitions

Philosophy:  The love and understanding of ideas

Wisdom: The process of the integration of the truths in apparently opposing ideas, factors, circumstances, etc. that results in a new more unified, more whole and more practical resolution of the problem under consideration. Wisdom includes the process of the scientific method which is a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Fragmentation-Process and the more basic reality of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Process

Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Process:  The most basic underlying reality of the cosmos of which the individual is only conscious of by degree, and that is also the anatomy of every separate, apparently fragmented and/or problematic/unwanted/undesired reality, the only difference being the level/degree of consciousness of that underlying reality so as to unmock such as a problem. Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Process is also a description of Consciousness and its process as well as of the natural psychological human state of Grace



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