Integrative Economic Theory: The Answer For Both Business and The Individual

Markets: Business Community, Students, Consciousness Community

Establish stagnation of  incomes for 90% and Business profits

Establish scarcity of Individual Income in Ratio To Costs/Prices as the Real Problem

Establish and Enumerate the Integration of Only The Truths, Workabilities, Applicabilities and Highest Ethical Consideration of Both Conservative and Liberal Perspectives, i.e. Wisdom as the Way to Rejuvenate the Economy for Everyone

Establish the Difference Between Compromise and Integration and When Both Ethical Thinking and Moral Absolutism Apply and Do Not Apply

(Key to understanding the solution is being willing to”come off the dime” of Theoretical Arrogance

Establish Finance’s Curious Structural Monopoly Powers Over Every Other Business Model and 95% of the General Population and Its Even More significant and Powerful Enforced Monopoly Distribution Paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only….and Show Them How Integrating Gifting Would Help Them Be More Profitable/Accomplish Conservative Agenda/Create a Much Better Future

Use Cosmic Code/Process of Wisdom/Historical Examples That Illustrate Them

Incorporate Rebuttals To Oft Used Objections Into Speech

Moral/Curse of Adam Objection

Laziness Objection  (over 80% of us avoid either mental illness or life in the slammer now, with the help of clergy, helping professions and government service program like the anti-smoking campaign in the 70’s, an even higher percentage will find positive, constructive purpose than now under an austere, onerous and dominating system)

Not Economic Objection

Monetary Inflation Objection

Governmental Stupidity/Tyranny Objection

Already Have Discounts Objection (Wisdom Insight of Stopping Points In Economy)

Equilibrium Objection

Disbelief/Cynicism/Can’t-Won’t Be Done Objection (Gently Show How Cynicism and Failure/Refusal to Do the Right/Best Thing are Flawed/Irrelevant/Wrong)


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