An Example of Applying Wisdom To The Economic and Monetary Systems

One of the oldest and most basic insights of Wisdom is that everything, emphasis everything in the temporal universe follows a triune process of starting, changing and stopping/ending, and the economic and monetary systems, both being inextricably embedded in the temporal universe, follow this same process. Most economists and economic pundits are either intimidated by the complexity of the economy and/or are unaware of this insight and how policies aware of it can be utilized to resolve the deepest problems of modern economies.

For instance, a universal dividend paid monthly to everyone 18 and over of sufficient amount to guarantee what is currently considered a middle class lifestyle, or just short of it, would encompass the entire economic process for the individual thus guaranteeing a graceful flow of middle class prosperity….for everyone.  More on some of the additional and collateral benefits of having such an abundant universal dividend a little later.

Another instance of applying the above Wisdom insight to the economic and monetary systems would be to implement a price discount to both the retail business model in the economy and also to the retail product of every other business model. The discounts given to the customers of all business models would be rebated back to them by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so, and this would also be the authority that distributed the universal dividend payment above.  These discounts occur only at the stopping/ending points of economy and thus are harmless to either the enterprise giving it or consumer receiving it, in fact they heartily benefit both because a universal price discount increases the consumer’s purchasing power and the rebate of the discount enables the enterprise to sell his/her goods at a substantial discount and yet get all of his normal price in remuneration. And of course the enterprise would also be more likely to benefit by the additional demand that the dividend would create so the two policies together are synergistic and completing as well.

These policies would work best if they were both abundant because an abundant middle class income would immediately make taxes for welfare, unemployment and social security redundant and completely unnecessary for both employees and employers thus accomplishing more of the agendas of both the left and right have been able to bring us in the last 80 plus years of their continual fighting, namely the creation of abundant economic democracy and the elimination of large governmental bureaucracies at the same time. Likewise a relatively large general retail product discount percentage would increase individual purchasing power, enable enterprise to sell more product, incredibly, implement price deflation harmlessly into profit making economic systems  and last but not least it would substantially downsize the market necessity for finance which is more and more being recognized by economists and monetary reformers as the problematic business model and  business product, namely Debt, by saturating the economy with monetary Gifting instead.

The combination of Public Banking as a cost saving breaking up of Finance’s overweening structural economic powers and integrating the new monetary paradigm of Gifting into the economy could be a dynamic duo that would benefit everyone, every traditionally productive enterprise, cut the Gordian knot that has afflicted our political system for so long and enable politicians of all stripes and/or a president who was bold enough to champion them, to take his place among the pantheon of Washington, Jefferson and Lincoln. Are you listening President Trump?

c copyright 04/18/2017

Steve Hummel

You may use this Ellen, but please cite me as, even though I stand on the shoulders of the giant C. H. Douglas, the philosophical exegesis of the concept of grace as in monetary Gifting, the extension of the concept of the retail discount to the retail product of every business model and the logical alignment of economics, money systems and Wisdom/Consciousness are my work and will be in my books Wisdomics/Gracenomics and The Cosmic Code whether self published or otherwise.



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