Macro-economists And Their Pundits: Thinking Themselves Wise Have Become Fools. Blurb For Books

Macro-economics has more or less painted itself into a theoretical corner where they can only tear orthodoxy down, but they can’t come up with any actual or resolving solutions because they look in the wrong places, they look for some abstract answer that doesn’t exist and they are still plagued by and habituated to current paradigms. I’ve seen macro-economists and pundits on all sides getting increasingly frustrated because they see no answer. A few have embraced half of the answer and advocated half of the policies necessary and yet they still do not get the second policy because they are basically unconscious of the philosophical concept upon which that policy is based.  They are also only willing to utilize science and mathematics, which are fine of course, but they are apparently ignorant of the reality and actual process of an even greater and more perceptive discipline, namely Wisdom, and even if they are aware of it they generally would not risk advocating it for a variety of reasons not the least of which is a conscious or unconscious scientistic bias against it, probably because they confuse Wisdom with religion when the two are actually completely separate.

My Book Wisdomics/Gracenomics is the application of Wisdom/Consciousness to economics. I’m not saying it has all of the answers, but it does recognize our deepest economic problems and fully flesh out their actual solutions. So deep that their resolution will transform both the economic and monetary systems. That’s a lot. Nobody else except the people I learned from are even close to that, and I have extended both the philosophy and policies they have heroically carried the torch for, for over 60 years since their founder died.

My other book The Cosmic Code is a breakthrough formulation of the process of Wisdom itself, and an exegesis of its aspects and experiences and shows how it can be garnered and practically applied in virtually any situation personally, systemically and circumstantially.


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