Posted To Facebook 04/06/2017

Me: Trump has changed his mind about Bashir Al-Assad. Yeah, he used to think Assad was just the guy they modeled the cartoon character Clyde Crashcup after….and now he knows he’s a ruthless SOB

JS:  False Flag.

Me:  I’m not sure that is the case here, although given that both sides are corrupted by both power and the intention to counter the other power it could be. The point is that neither side is conscious of or inclined to consider the third alternative of a financial system that would end the necessity of conflict between empires. Any mass movement by Social Crediters and allied constituencies will have to pledge allegiance to a radical peace plank along the lines of “No war unless an invasion force of millions is about to land on one of our shorelines.” ….because in the end Finance and their conscious or unconscious minions will probably have no qualms about starting a world war in order to thwart policies that will end their monetary dominance.


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