The Essentially Parasitic Nature of Finance Regarding Individual Income and Consumption and The Only Way It Can Become a Normalized Business Model

Finance has sucked the life out of the incredibly productive nature of profit making systems and the will of the vast majority of the general populace and its enforced monopolistic monetary paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only must be terminally integrated with the new paradigms of direct and reciprocal monetary Gifting to the individual and to businesses so that consumption of profit making system’s abundance can be effectively distributed and so the economy stabilized.

Individual income has always been scarce for the overwhelming majority of  people both because the Social Credit insight is correct, and because profit making systems in the last analysis are about power more than they are even money….unless or until the business model that creates the money dominates.  Then such systems must be on an inevitable decline. This is because the rate of flow of total costs exceeds the rate of flow of total individual income, not merely because of interest being charged by Finance. The obsessive focus on interest only is a distraction and a missing of the mark as interest is only a subset of total costs. However, interest is a major proportion of total costs because debt saturates the economy, and so abundant monetary Gifting is necessary. Necessary to become not only a balancing paradigm, but to become the new primary paradigm that saturates the economy. This is the only way that Banking and Finance will ever become a normalized business model instead of a parasite.


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