Posted To The Social Credit Group 04/02/2017

WK:  Here is quotation from British author Eric de Maré’s book “A Matter of Life or Debt” (U.S. ed. of 1991, p. 87).  He cites C. H. Douglas writing in the New Age, March 28th, 1929:

“In this country the Institute of Bankers allocated five million pounds to combat the subversive ideas of ourselves.  The large Press Association were expressly instructed that my name should not be mentioned in the public press …during the last five years the seed of Social Credit has been driven underground.”
De Maré goes on to relate that “when John Hargrave’s biography of Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, which with Social Credit insight roundly attacked the banking system, was published, not only did W. H. Smith refuse to sell it in their nationwide bookshops, but the title was removed from the publications record at Stationers Hall.”

Me:  Yes, the business model of Finance has always been an automatic economic and anti-social problem. This does not mean that interest alone is the problem. It is indeed finance’s enforced monopolistic paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only that are at the heart of the problem and must be effectively and terminally handled. This means that the paradigm of grace as in monetary Gifting must become not only the new, but also the primary paradigm that transforms our current condition of debt saturation into Gifting saturation. This does not preclude debt from also being a part of the system, but the primacy of monetary Gifting must become a reality….or the economy’s workability and even more importantly the ethical nature of the economy will never be stable and humane.


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