Posted To KurzweilAI Newsletter 03/30/2017

Blockchain in the last analysis is a false hope for resolving the actual and deepest problem of the economy and money system. That problem is that the moment to moment flow of total costs exceeds the flow of total individual incomes which (under the current paradigms of Finance requires continual borrowing just to keep the economy from spiraling down into a recession and eventually a depression. Of course continual borrowing only re-initiates the above problematic ratio because it entails an additional flow of costs. Even without the additional costs of finance the problem is still unresolved because there are other additional costs besides finance. The solution is dual policies of a relatively abundant universal monetary gift direct to the individual and a reletively high discount percentage to the retail product of each business model all of which is rebated back to them by a monetary authority specifically mandated to do so. This integration of the seeming impossibly opposite economic theories of Keynes and Austrianism along with a new monetary paradigm of direct Gifting is elaborated here:


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