Present Time: The Best Place and Time To Actually Have A New Thought,…

…realize nearly all of what you believe in is merely the habitual regurgitation of someone else’s orthodoxy and re-start one’s entire experiential life.

By present time I mean an intensely focused and yet almost effortless experience of the moment and the flow of succeeding moments for however long period of time. The experience is an intensification of whatever one places their attention on and each thing or thought one has during it is marked by vibrancy, newness, new levels of ability to experience one’s senses, often increased awareness of one’s awareness itself and a combination of serenity, beauty, flow and wonder. This experience is spoken of, pointed at and chronicled in each of the world’s major wisdom traditions and itself is not a dogma, but an extraordinary experience from which much dogma is derived.

This tendency is the clue that if honestly confronted enables one to awaken to their own and others’ habitual and orthodox thinking, and begin a process of self analysis to root out the dogmatisms, unnecessary generalizations and irrational computations they have accumulated.

Orthodoxy drops out the moment. Thus, attaining and maintaining the moment is its resolution and one’s personal salvation.

Steve Hummel 03/29/2017


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