No One Has Examined The Economic and Monetary Problem And Its Solution, The Concept and Experience Of Grace, In As Many Scientific and Integrative Ways As Myself

No one. That’s right I’m “blowing my horn”….because intellectually I have a right to do so. Despite this fact I humbly offer the following list of ways in which I have examined it and found interlocking and reflective confirmation of the above problem and its solution:

  1. Psychologically
  2. Historically Both Internally-Mentally and Externally-Temporally
  3. Philosophically/Ethically
  4. Wisdom-Integration-Contemplation/Spirituality
  5. Mathematically/Calculus
  6. Micro and Macro-Economically
  7. Monetarily/Financially
  8. Scientifically in the following ways:  physics/thermo-dynamics/quantum mechanics/integral-cost accounting   and finally
  9. Paradigmatically

Every current economist has unconsciously and only partially come toward my analysis and solution, and I have extended these even further than did the giant upon whose shoulders I stand and acknowledge, C. H. Douglas.

This path has also brought me to the Theory of Everything I have called The Cosmic Code which is both a  formula for the integration of science and spirituality and a model for personal therapy as well.

My life is still a work in progress, but my self improvement,  personal experience and understanding of Life has been so greatly enhanced that standing in the light of such discovery is its own greatest reward.


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