The Whole Alternative Facts Thing…

…can be resolved by understanding that there are facts/truths in both/all political perspectives and untruths and half truths on both/all sides as well,….and it is only ignorance and arrogance that prevents the integration/wisdom of only the truths which creates a third, more unified and whole point of view and clarity about the way forward. Politicians and pundits….get it right….finally!

What often happens when an intellectual and/or political debate takes place is one side or the other concludes that combining truths is either some “namby pamby” compromise or “speaking out of both sides of one’s mouth”. This of course is not true when one is objective enough and honest enough to recognize and discern between truth and falsehood or truth and half truth. However, the real and deeper mental problem is that probably both sides in the debate are unconscious of a concept and experience that is the epitome of bothness integrated, i.e. Wisdom….and thirdness-unity-oneness-wholeness AT THE SAME TIME, i.e. Grace. Grace, whether considered a religious experience or a psychological one, (or ideally and wisely an integration of both) is by definition a mystical/complete union. And by such integrated and integrative union are Wisdom and Grace made real to one.


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