The List of 10 Realizations Necessary To Understand Current Economic and Monetary Reality…and What To Do About The Mess

  1. Economic Theory is not scientific, does not address the economy as it actually is and must be re-assessed.
  2. Modern economies do not tend toward equilibrium.
  3. The primary economic and monetary systemic problem is that the rate of flow of total costs/prices continually exceeds the rate of flow of total individual incomes with which to liquidate those costs/prices and hence is in a state of individual monetary disequilibrium.
  4. Injecting money into the economy by government via enterprise does not resolve the underlying cost inflationary nature of the economy because it merely re-initiates the systemic problem thus not changing the problematic ratio in #3 above.  
  5. The current enforced monetary paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only all incur additional costs and so prevent the resolution of modern economies’ primary problem.
  6. A new monetary paradigm must be integrated into the debt based money system in order to actually resolve the primary problem.
  7. The new monetary paradigm must be direct to the individual and must also enable enterprise to survive and profit.
  8. The new monetary paradigm is Direct and Reciprocal Gifting.
  9. The policies that reflect and enable the resolution of modern economies’ primary problem are a continuing direct and costless monetary gift to the individual and a discount to the retail price of every business model to its clients that is reciprocally and fully rebated back to them by a monetary authority mandated specifically to do so.
  10. Innovation and artificial intelligence will increasingly reduce costs, however, the best way to promote that tendency and prevent it from being thwarted and/or costs to be diverted elsewhere is to continually downsize the necessity of finance with a truly abundant universal dividend and a discount percentage that clearly exceeds any arbitrary or circumstantial price inflation. 

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