The Reality of Economic Disequilibrium And The Resolution of It As A Problem Via The Process of Paradigm Change

I’m for profit making economic systems. The difference between myself and conservative, libertarian and liberal theorists is I understand that a new philosophy and aligned policies are necessary in order for profit making systems to survive in modern technologically advanced form. The above theorists on the other hand believe we should merely cut cost and let the market clear and “do its magic” or merely increase money flow via continual borrowing from Banks. I’m for increased money/individual income flow, and I’m also for cutting costs as a valid and understandable economic competitive strategy, but I realize, except perhaps in extreme and unsustainable circumstances, because costs and hence prices as a flow continually exceed the flow of individual incomes….that markets in fact do NOT clear.

What this means in the current set up of the system is that the only way for the system to survive is to continually borrow in order to increase individual incomes. Of course this does not resolve the systems actual deepest problem because continual borrowing incurs a flow of CONTINUAL and ADDITIONAL costs. Continual borrowing currently makes the business model of Finance an absolutely necessary and dominating force in the economy, and as domination in any form is prima facie and fait accompli  unethical, the enforcement by Finance of the monetary paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production Only must yield to an additional paradigm of Gifting both directly to the individual via a continuing dividend and a retail discount, and reciprocally back to every enterprise at the point of their final discounted “retail” product. Finally, because nature abhors both a stasis and is in a continual state of flux and flow itself, a mere statistical equilibrium aka “a balancing of the books” does not and cannot enable stability. One must overcome the orthodoxy/paradigm of equilibrium as well.

The way to resolve this (and this is characteristic of paradigm changes down through history) is to invert the position of the current dominant paradigm/reality with the new one. As the Copernican helio-centric astronomical paradigm switched the positions of the earth and the sun so the new paradigm of Gifting must be switched with the old ones of Debt, Loan and For Production Only and so become the new primary financial paradigm. Likewise, the old problematic ratio of total costs/prices exceeding total individual incomes must be inverted as well. This is accomplished with an abundant dividend and a retail discount percentage sufficient to accomplish price deflation, and hence will, in itself, make the continual flow of incomes exceed the flow of costs/prices, effecting a CONTINUAL downsizing of the NECESSITY of finance and so a freeing “higher disequilibrium”. This is the final stabilization of the economy and even though there may always be perturbations in it, along with technological innovation and now artificial intelligence, the inversion of the problematic ratio will more rapidly accomplish an ideal akin to orbital free flowingness.


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