When Your Policies Resolve Its Two Most Basic Problems and Take Responsible, Ethical, Encompassing and Stable Moment To Moment Control Of The Macro-Economy…

…everything else falls back into its relative importance, any association with those two most basic problems will tend to dissipate or disappear and all other aspects of the economy can probably take care of themselves with structural balance and a light touch of regulation and/or taxation.

The natural philosophical concept of Grace has always been the not fully consciously understood, un-applied and/or resisted factor in economics, and for that matter in any human system or human situation.

Grace is the fullest, deepest, most complete, most unifying, most underlying and continuous state of the cosmos and the highest personal experience available to Man. Contemplate it, apply it and continue to tap into it and your vector will always be toward more awareness of both self and the physical universe and experiential ascendance as well.

Steve Hummel 03/20/2017


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