The Younger Generation’s Declaration Of Independence And Action The New Constitution For Homo Sapiens-Wise And Discerning Man (works in process)

This will eventually be separately a serious re-write and a satirical parody aimed at communicating to the 16-25 year old social media generations and in association with the new meme of “We love you, but fuck you, we’re moving on with Wisdom.

The Younger Generation’s Declaration of Independence and Action

When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one generation/species to say to the dominating, the bought, the clueless, the timid and even the sincere and actually smart….”We love you, but fuck you….we’re moving on with Wisdom”, and in so doing dissolve the economic, monetary and political shitheadedness  which has sat upon our generation and every generation for the last 200 if not 5000 years, and to reject “the motherfuckin’ powers that be” and their “stinkin thinkin” that cannot seem to see the essential racket nature of the present piss ant system that even we tender assed and largely unacculturated minds can easily see. Ya better wake the fuck up, ’cause “We love you, but fuck you….we’re moving on with Wisdom.”

To prove our point let these facts and thoughts be youtubed, twittered and by “any and all social media means necessary” communicated to all generations but especially to we smart phone addicted, lamp post collisioners, classroom slackers and otherwise joyously as yet unadapted to the system, potential victims of it.

Water doesn’t naturally flow uphill and neither should all but a nickel and a few friggin’ pennies do the same. We don’t care to be billionaires, we just want to be able to pay for a ticket to tour their mansions and maybe be liberal about pointing as we piss in their gold plated toilet bowls. Hey Pols!, actually fix the fuckin’ system by thinking a new thought like Gifting instead of Debt ONLY will ya?  We know your synapses are pretty rigid from age and all the pocket lining you’ve gotten from J P More Orgasm and Gold Pan Sex Inc. but we’re here to tell you to stop forgetting to remember that systems were made for Man, not Man for systems. And if you don’t We love you, but fuck you….we’re moving on with Wisdom.

We get a kick out of a good fight, even a dirty one, but afterward we generally get over it and even have to admit that we deserved to be slapped for grabbing someone’s tit before even dinner, or for most of us on our current budgets, before we shared a few Milk Duds. Hey economists!,  quit justifying your half-assed out dated theories and combine only the truths in your own and other’s thinking. If the system doesn’t put enough money in everyone’s pockets to pay for ever increasing prices and the same thing occurs even if the Banks loan money to everyone and their friggin’ dog’s uncle….then devise policies to costlessly increase everybody’s cash on hand and drastically discount prices and yet still enable Verizon, Sprint and T Mobile to make a profit. What’s more important continuous free texting or a Banker’s monopoly idea of Debt???  Get it done ’cause if you don’t, “We love you, but fuck you….we’re moving on with Wisdom.”

We don’t mind all that much being subject to our parents and civic authorities, even if they’re fucked up beyond all repair and riven with dunderheads, incompetents and people who couldn’t change their thinking if a phaser on disintegrate was pressed to their temple, but being the slaves of the money system just because no one has questioned why the big Banks are allowed to have a virtual monopoly on money creation and even worse a monopoly on the forms and purposes that money can be created for….that’s horse shit! We don’t care if Jamie “Legs” Dimon and Lord Blankfein own everything and everybody and don’t want to make the system work for everyone, don’t even care that chaos and world war will eventually occur and everything gets destroyed so then they can just fucking lend us money all over again to re-build it. No, you dip shits, tools, slow learners and over bosses! Make the system actually work and make it work abundantly for everyone! NOW!!! If you don’t agree to change the system, we DON’T even love you, fuck you, we’re moving on with Wisdom by pissing and moaning and shaming and antagonizing all the pols, economists, parents and general population until they’re miserable enough and aware enough to act to incarcerate your asses and make the changes necessary.

It’s our own and everyone else’s futures we’re talking about here. Get your fucking minds right about the way things actually are and then join us! It takes someone who’s still wet behind the ears enough to not be hypnotized by the system to point the way forward.

Like this, share it a guzillion times and get ready to march with us. It’s worth putting your X Boxes and game computers away for half a day a couple of times a week.



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