Posted To Evonomics Magazine 03/19/2017

Nice piece. However, all current thinking regarding UBI/Universal Dividend lacks an essential strategically placed and timed second policy aka as a rebated retail discount, the two of which enable a thorough integration of macro and micro-economic theory and policy and simultaneously deal with the 5000 year old problematically dominating and destabilizing business model of Finance. Combining these two policies deals with the three biggest problems of modern technologically advanced economies namely chronic lack of demand, creeping lower bound cost inflation and the keystone unethical structural and paradigmatic force holding most of the world’s economic instability, personal stress and geo-political brinksmanship in continual stimulation. That’s the resolution of a couple of pretty important trinities. Economists, you have to admire the iconoclastic ones, yet they only allow themselves to utilize math and science, which are of course important, but only subsets of Natural Wisdom-Integration which broadens their knowledge of the problems they are observing as well as more effective resolutions of same. If anyone wants to investigate this thinking that will be in my soon to be published book Wisdomics/Gracenomics: The Integrative New Economic Theory they can do so at

If we want to be historically accurate we need to realize that the idea of UBI/”helicopter money” did not originate with Milton Freidman or any liberal counter part, but rather C. H. Douglas the founder of the social credit movement over 90 years ago. Both of his dual policies of a national dividend and a compensated/rebated back to merchants retail discount are also extremely important to be implemented together. Why? Because contrary to the claim by various theorists that inflation would not be a problem so long as incomes did not outstrip productivity the actions of both individuals and individual enterprises could and undoubtedly would undo such theory via arbitrary price inflation. Theory is fine. The freedom of human action can easily create its own realities. Thus the UBI/Dividend must be abundant and the discount percentage at the point of retail sale and for every business model’s retail product must also be concomitantly high to combat this inevitability. These two policies in sufficient amounts and percentage would then effectively enable the seeming impossible, abundant and democratically distributed individual income and simultaneously actual price deflation. These are extentions of C. H. Douglas’ two policies and can be referenced at


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