The Counterfeit Trinity of Power

It’s basically flux, force and “progress” and is expressed that way in The Cosmic Code:

[ (flux  x  force)  <–>  “progress” ]  That actually ought to be expressed in quotation marks as it violates the entire spirit and reality of The Cosmic Code which is Wisdom/Integration, the spirit of Love and its temporal universe expression Grace.

The problem is the counterfeit trinity of power is all heat and no light, and is always accompanied by an underlying generalized and thus  irrational and authoritarian computation in the areas of religion, economics or politics….or all three, elements of which prevent any actual integration from taking place that would effect actual progress. Examples of this are:

“By the sweat of your brow shalt thou eat thy bread.” The Curse of Adam/Religion and Economics.

“Government and the Republicans (or Democrats) are the whole problem. The Missing of the Mark, Unconscious Pawns of The Current Monopolistic Monetary Paradigms/Politics.

“The economy tends toward equilibrium, we must balance the books and any regulation, subsidy or interference by government is a sin.”  The Market is God/Economics, Religion and Politics.

Wisdom of course is the proper and effective use of power…in the service of Humanity. Power without Wisdom (or its not fully integrated counterfeits) is always in the service of some covert entity and its agenda of power…with scant consideration of same.



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