The Quantum Universe Is Utterly Integrated and Integrative

Me:  Hint: Integration is Wise, ipso facto ethical, the very process of creating Wisdom itself, Ongoing/an Active process, the Primary Reality and Natural.

Another Hint: It isn’t nice to fool Mother Nature

Good Economic, Political and Personal Thought:  Integrate truths, only truths and the highest ethical considerations of apparently opposing ideas, thoughts, theories and paradigms.

S:  The truth is in the organic universe and all of natural creation all else is an intentional distraction

Me:  Yes, or a fragmented and inverted self deception regarding the greater truth which is that the natural and spiritual are an integrated whole.

Since physicists postulated the quantum universe they have been struggling to overcome their own scientism. Science has virtually invalidated provincial pre-scientific religious dogmas. Spiritually, economically and monetarily we are currently caught between “a difficult death” and transformative re-birth. An integration of apparently opposing truths is all that remains in that process.

JR:  Steve, there need be no clash between religion and science apart from the fairy tales with which most religions have been saddled. For example, the heterotroph theory of the origin of life reads very similarly to Genesis except that 7 days has to be replaced by some millions of years. A concept obviously well beyond the comprehension of the tribesmen who recorded the  latter explanation.

I believe there is one important principle in both that field and this.  Beware of people who claim to have the total untrammeled truth. Their aim usually is not to enlighten you but to control you.

Me:  Yes, looked at philosophically and experientially there never has to be any conflict, and I’m certainly not here to invalidate anyone’s religion or spirituality. I would only beseech them to contemplate graciousness in all of its aspects in every sphere of their human activity as best they can.

The concept and self actualized experience of Grace/graciousness being both Love within oneself and the simultaneous expression of Love in action in the temporal universe is probably the only one that can effectively avoid eventually falling into obsessive dualism/conflict.


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