Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum 03/14/2017

Me:  Why not suggest creating a healthcare bank that was mandated to distribute a debt free $50 per month health insurance stipend to everyone and also rebated back to every health care business model a 20% discount they gave to everyone’s monthly premium? You could also increase the discount rate by say 5% to any business that agreed to keep their prices within .5% of what they were 6 months before such a program was implemented. You could also give an additional 5% discount rate to any new healthcare business start up, and the same to any system that included scientifically rigorous alternative medical procedures. Then the government could get behind public service announcements extolling the benefits of the importance and positive effects of proper exercise the same way that it did when it lowered the smoking rate significantly starting in the 70’s.

AT:  Completely agree! The government’s interests would be lower costs and good health!

Me: Yes. And actually, you could make the healthcare bank a pharmaceutical/healthcare central bank. That way it could create all funds at no cost. Taking responsible control of a non-functioning and/or dominating market with both money creation and price discounts enables a more beneficial integration of profit making systems and the seeming opposites of Keynesian and Austrian economics. When in doubt integrate the truths, workabilities and highest ethical considerations of opposites! The result will be a third more unified, more whole and ethically ascendant condition!


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