In His Latest Video Steve Keen Is Slowly Coming Around To Recognizing The Validity and Necessity of Social Credit’s Policies

And eventually he’ll probably come to recognize that my Wisdomics/Gracenomics is the philosophical, policy, scientific and spiritual extension of even Social Credit.

QE for the people is essentially a non-continuous approximation of Social Credit’s national/universal dividend.  Also. “a modern debt jubilee” is an intelligent response to the huge debt bubble we ran up before the GFC (Great Financial Crisis). They’re both based on the philosophical concept of Grace as in Gifting

He hasn’t cognited on the efficacy of a retail discount nor my extension of that policy, namely extending the discount to the retail product that every business model has in every stage of the productive process which would increase the “buy in” of virtually all businesses and business models and also work to inhibit arbitrary demand-pull inflation. It would also help to saturate the entire economy with Grace/Monetary Gifting thus swapping out/inverting that new economic and monetary paradigm making it the prime one instead of Debt being prime as it is presently.  An integration of truths/realities and a swapping out/inversion of primacy is the signature of paradigm change as was the Copernican helio-centric cosmological paradigm simply a swapping /inverting of the positions of the earth and the sun.

The discount policy is based upon the the fact that Wisdom is an inward and deepening process. Viz Wisdom and economics this points at the fact that cost accounting is a subset/within the entirety of double entry bookkeeping and below the surface of the deceptively and apparently equilibrating dualistic mechanism of debits and credits or even the surface trinity of assets, liabilities and owner’s equity. The problem being the effects of cost and time that create the moment to moment reality of the scarcity ratio of total individual income to total costs/prices. The discount policy is also the Wisdom insight that the temporal universe is completely governed by the trinity-unity-oneness/wholeness-process known as Start, Change and Stop, and that stop/the stops in the economic/productive process are where costs for any item are terminally summed and hence the logical, clarifying, unobtrusive and freeing place and time to implement a monetary policy that can benefit both/all agents and simultaneously harm neither/any of them. This insures its ethical status and the policy itself helps to regulate and govern the primary structural and ethical problem, the monopolistic, dominating and manipulating business model of Finance.

Keen’s and some Social Credit advocate’s lingering attachment to tools and orthodoxies of DSGE inhibit more complete understanding of Social Credit’s basic philosophy and hence make them think in terms of a scarce dividend and discount and also inhibits the understanding that the true solution to  A + B is not a statistical balancing, but rather, as in the swapping/inversion of paradigms, so the actual solution to the scarcity ratio of total individual incomes to total costs/prices is a continual  inversion of that ratio making it an abundance of individual incomes in ratio to costs/prices via an abundant dividend and a high percentage rate and extension of the discount mechanism thus making it “the higher disequilibrium ratio” that continually downsizes the problematic and dominating business model of Finance.

Douglas after all was the first disequilibrium theorist…and a major aspect of the concept and experience of Grace is a dynamic process of continual change, i.e a dynamic balancing of continually disequilibrating factors. Hence a mere statistical balancing actually leaves “the business cycle” in effect and is like a failed orbital wave cycle, it goes up, but it also must go down. A trajectory of greater thrust/income in ratio to gravity/cost/price results in the free flowingness of orbit and thus again, an abundant, free flowing disequilibrium ratio of factors.


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