Scientific Mysteries Are Inversions of/Not Yet Fully Integrated and More Inclusive Spiritual Insights

The biggest example of this currently is probably the scientific mystery of Dark Energy.   Science considers it “Dark” because they cannot see or measure it. The real problem is science only tolerates/is bound by empiricism and positivism, and so has an irrationally generalized mistrust of intuitive/experiential knowledge. This is not to blindly and dogmatically choose intuitive/experiential knowledge over its scientific equivalent, but rather integrate the two in a rigorously open and honest fashion. Science is a form of Wisdom after all, and is also a Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Wholeness-Process  of

[ Hypothesis  <–>  (Dualistic  comparison of data to that hypothesis) ]

and an open minded and ongoing integration of truths…..if it is actually good science. And the signature of scientific breakthrough is the integration of the scientific method and an aspect of consciousness…like Einstein’s visualization of a man leaping out of a window and “sliding” down space-time.

Generally people who have had an intense experience of the present moment describe it, amongst other superlatives, as an effortless and serene expansion of their attention, awareness and perception of the physical universe. This hints at the integration of the scientific and spiritual modes of thought/experience enabling the perception of an inherently expansive “energy” which is a natural part of the cosmos and is actually consciousness itself. It also begs the realization that characterizing “Dark” energy as such is a blinding and excluding orthodoxy of the scientific mode only that leads to an inverse labeling of “Dark ” when it is very likely the en”lightening” personal experience of this scientific/spiritual integration.


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