Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 03/04/2017

Unfortunately, this guy and you are both blinded by economic and financial orthodoxy. It isn’t government that is the real problem it is government that blindly avoids integrating the new financial paradigm of Gifting into the debt based money system… that profit making systems will survive.

We need economics to fulfill its natural purpose of cost and price efficiency, and also to transcend the puritanical attachment to employment as the ONLY  way to make the system work. Wisdom would be recognizing that the monopolistic paradigms of finance are what is pushing profit making systems toward an inevitable and unconscious socialism.

It IS different this time, but even if the precipitous fall in the rational need for human input into the productive process wasn’t baked in the cake….we SHOULD still embrace monetary Gifting ANYWAY. Why? Because the current Financial monopolistic paradigms are dominating. Because domination is intrinsically unethical. Because this domination is what holds us back economically, culturally and spiritually, and is also the glue that holds most of our social, geo-political (warring) and environmental problems in suspension.

It’s a gigantic neurosis that is causing and intensifying all of the social-political contentiousness we see taking place right before our eyes….and pitifully you and almost every other economist and pundit is blind to it. So blind that you, an advocate of Austrian economic theory, can’t even see that integrating monetary Gifting into profit making systems with its dual policies of a universal dividend and a retail price discount are the best and fastest ways TO ACCOMPLISH THE AUSTRIAN DEFLATIONARY AGENDA, the best way to get rid of the bureaucracies of welfare, unemployment insurance and social security, the best way to downsize the bloated defense budget, the best way to de-tooth and transform the FED, etc. etc. etc. resolving everyone of the gripes of Austrian and libertarian theory.  The stubborn and arrogant liberal, conservative, Keynesian, Austrian etc. dogmatists ARE THE PROBLEM. Integrate their truths and delete their untruths. Integration of truths and deletion of untruths is Wisdom. Dogmatism is stupidity. Wisdom cannot be dogmatism because it is integration of ONLY truths. Wake up will ya!?


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