Structural and Paradigmatic Problem: Posted To Ellen Brown’s Forum o2/28/2017

The important thing to keep in mind is that no matter what the actual facts are (or aren’t) regarding manipulation, that Finance and their structural and paradigmatic control is what holds most of our problems in suspension. That is what needs to be focused on. Why? Because what appears as a fact or an agenda from either side can be construed as reality and then obsessed over, politically debated and analyzed three ways from the middle and in the process….no progress is actually achieved. One needs to exteriorize one’s self from the fracas and befuddlement, rededicate one’s focus on Finance as the underlying problem and move to the next higher concentric circle of mindset which includes and can integrate all of the economic realities and come up with a more workable system not to mention a more ethical one. And one of the essential aspects of the next higher concentric circle of mindset is action. The wisest thing in Life whether one looks at it from a natural or supernatural perspective is Love, and no matter from which perspective one views things Grace/graciousness is God’s and/or the individual’s expression of Love IN ACTION.

Integrate Public Banking’s agenda with Wisdomics’/Gracenomics’ policies and ACT by creating a grassroots mass movement showing opposing political constituencies their mutual interests in ending the rule of Finance….and we could actually make progress.


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