Why Is Wisdomics and The Cosmic Code Correct Thinking and Accurate Analysis?

Consciousness: Because they both go all the way to the level of consciousness itself. And so they are both reflective of ultimate reality internally and externally.

Wisdom:  Because they are quintessentially integrative/wise and so they combine opposing truths, workabilities and the highest ethical considerations of apparently opposing ideas, theories, temporal conditions, personal realities, mindsets (like science and spirituality) and finally of paradigms and so resolve them. They also utilize and make one aware of the secrets, patterns and rules of Wisdom and of Nature like the concept of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process, love, grace (that is love in action in the temporal universe), Start, Change and Stop, reflectivity, paradigm change/inversion of truth, spiritual change/ascension-full experience of truth, the Fibonacci sequence, fractals, holography, concentricism, conentricism, appropriate non-sectarian, non-provincial spiritual hierarchies and finally The Cosmic Code itself.

Love/Grace/Universality and Yet Priority and Primacy:  Because they respect and acknowledge all realities while simultaneously understanding that primary realities are prime, essential and operative.

Active/Applied Philosophy and Spirituality:  Stresses reality of both ideas and human experience and their positive and active application in space, time and the individual.


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