It’s The Financial Paradigms, Stupid

All of the talk, all of the economic and monetary “analysis” I see on TV never gets to the heart of the problem which are the hypnotizing monopolistic financial paradigms of debt, loan and for production only.

Why is the life’s blood of enterprise and the means of survival for the individual, money/credit, allowed monopoly power??? Especially in alleged free market economies???

These monopoly financial paradigms are in fact the monetary and economic problem that keep all of the inequity, individual and systemic domination and hence the discontent we see rising all around us in suspension and continual re-stimulation.

Economists, politicians and the general population!….It’s the financial paradigms, stupid!!! Look at it! Integrate a new paradigm of monetary grace as in gifting into the debt based system with policies that free the individual and enterprise…..and let’s survive and thrive instead of destroying ourselves with arrogant and obsessive contentious insistence that half truths and incomplete theories are solutions!!!

History will judge you based on whether you choose intellectual arrogance, obsessive contentiousness and financial monopoly over intellectual integration, financial and economic resolution and Wisdom.


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