The Integrative (Wisdom) Agenda


  1. To terminally end the dominance by Finance over all other business models and probably 95% of the general population.
  2. To break up and terminally end private Finance’s structural monopoly by establishing a cost efficient and competitive public banking system.
  3. To end their complete monopoly paradigms of Debt, Loan and For Production only by thoroughly integrating Monetary Gifting into the debt based money system.
  4. To create truly humane, ecologically sane and yet abundant  economies, and to enable profit making systems to stably survive and thrive as innovation and artificial intelligence rationally reduce the need for human effort and human input.
  5. To help guide Mankind intelligently into a future where employment remains an option but is increasingly unnecessary, and to raise the conscious awareness of the general populace and acculturate them to the multitude of positive, constructive and fulfilling individual purposes available in addition to employment.
  6. To enable our political systems to rise with the freedom of the individual and of enterprise thus also throwing off the intolerably dominating and unethical environment Finance created, and within which the political system  labored and failed to perceive the higher possibilities of its calling.


As the very process of Wisdom is integration of truths, workabilities and the highest ethical considerations of opposing ideas, theories, systemic conditions or paradigms, and the highest concept of Wisdom is Grace-graciousness/love in action…the integrative/wise philosophy is Grace-graciousness/love in action.


Policies must align with and effect the philosophy from which they are derived, or there is a power or influence that alloys that alignment and those effects.

An abundant universal direct dividend to the individual and a gift of price reduction at retail product/retail sale that is reciprocally gifted back to participating merchants are the two policies that can saturate, encompass, strategically insure completeness throughout the entire economic process and so effectively insure that the philosophy of Grace-graciousness becomes an economic reality.

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