Posted To Mish Shedlock’s Blog 02/20/2017


It may seem amazing to you whose mind snaps shut immediately upon hearing anything that isn’t Austrian orthodoxy. First of all I’m not suggesting we destroy free markets I’m saying we need to integrate monetary gifting into the debt based money system. Why? Because over the last couple hundred years factors have changed. The ever increasing costs of fixed capital depreciation has made what was then close to a workable free market into a cost inflationary one. As every capital input into the economy including Finance entails additional costs and the business model of Finance has a complete monopoly on the reasons and vehicles for which finance is extended, namely for production only and as a loan only they can only extend and expand the cost inflationary nature of our present advanced capital intensive economy. And monetary gifting directly to the individual and to the individual and then reciprocally back to the merchant at retail sale….is the only way to re-balance demand and costs/prices…because it does not add costs to an already cost inflationary system. Even social crediters don’t completely understand the scope of what an actual remedy to the present system is because they are also hanging onto orthodoxies of general equilibrium, and Douglas himself did not see the full scope of how multi-national corporations with global reach could collude with Finance to resist these remedies. Only my Wisdomics/Gracenomics has come up with the answers to those problems.

So you see my theories are based on obvious and empirical data, on actual looking at the economy as it actually is not as it may have been 100-200 years ago. That’s science, that’s open mindedness, that’s using integral cost accounting, that’s looking at a paradigm like debt that has gone on too long and has nearly everyone else hypnotized, confused and theoretically thwarted.

Keep up the good work of sowing the conundrum of eroding demand by innovation, robotics and AI Mish which is another building block of social credit theory and which in an already inherently scarce ratio of demand to costs/prices only adds to the instability of our capital intensive economy. It’s either monetary gifting or socialism Mish. You choose whether you want to unconsciously advocate for socialism or consciously work for a Wisdomics/Gracenomics economic future.


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