Wisdomics/Gracenomics: The Ultimate Integration of Economic Theory and Ethics, DSGE, Disequilibrium and Complexity Theories and So Economic Science and Spirituality/Consciousness. Also, Relationship To The Cosmic Code

The ethical primacy of the individual is the essential consideration for any human system. Economic theory has become so obsessed with the application of science and mathematics ONLY that such theories become unable to focus on the true and deepest problem (the monopolistic paradigm of debt ONLY) and so they become ethically challenged.

Wisdomics/Gracenomics being the application of Wisdom/Integration and its pinnacle concept Grace applied to economic theory, i.e. Individual Freedom/Systemic Free Flowingness/Unity Within Diversity/Oneness-Wholeness/Process, is the answer to all of the neglect of the individual, the systemic instability, the contentiousness, egotism, intellectual fragmentation and reactionary lurching back and forth between opposing theories that has characterized economic theories for the last two and a half centuries.

As Wisdom is also the best integration of the truths, workabilities, applicabilities and highest ethical considerations of apparently opposing ideas/theories, and the deletion of their mutual untruths etc., and the concept/experience of Grace is the pinnacle of Wisdom, so Wisdomics/Gracenomics is the best/pinnacle integration of General Equilibrium, Disequilibrium and Complexity Theories.

  1. integration of apparent opposites is the signature of Wisdom
  2. the answer to ambiguity/complexity has always been Wisdom, and
  3. the ultimate Wisdom, Grace, which is synonymous with an intensely focused experience of the flow of present moments, is the full and integrative inclusion of Science, Ethics and Spirituality/Consciousness.

One can better understand this if they envision three concentric circles the inner being Science, the second Ethics and the third Spirituality/Consciousness and understand that the outer circles include all of the valid/integrated considerations of the circle(s) below/within it and all of the concepts below/within the outer circles have aligned reflectivities in those above it. In other words everything is mutually integrated and integrative.  All of the opposite and unintegrated factors involved can fit within the formula of The Cosmic Code for a full reductionistic analysis and further integrated philosophically/ethically and spiritually with the ultimate integrative concept of Grace which is the thirdness aspect of The Cosmic Code.

Wisdomics/Gracenomics is the monetary and economic subset and application of the theory of everything known as The Cosmic Code which is described by the words:

An integrated Duality within an integrative Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process

and is formulated thusly:

[ ( A x B)    G/C ]   or its inverse  [ G/C    (A x B) ]


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