The Cosmic Code: Quantum Scientific Animism

Pre-historic Man lived in a magical and enchanted world where everything seemed alive and there were far fewer abstractions, systems and time consuming inanities.  This is not to say that life was some kind of Arcadian utopia, simply that the obstacles to a more direct experience and enjoyment of one’s self and the present time environment were far fewer. The development of civilization, industrialization and science  have increasingly preoccupied us, and now with all of the modern technological distractions we see increasingly dispersing our attention we have further eroded our ability to mentally focus on the moment thereby weakening our ability to deeply perceive ourselves and detail in the environment as well.

We require a mental integration of scientific thinking and psychology/spirituality, and the implementation of daily practices that promote, encourage and acculturate both modes of thought.  A Quantum Scientific Animism or Quantum Scientific Pan-entheistism with daily contemplation of the many aspects and experiences of the concept of Grace as well as daily contemplation of one’s immediate surroundings would reap many personal and cultural benefits and repair and replace the atomism, anomie and increasingly obsessive egotism and contentiousness we seem to be unconsciously drifting toward.


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