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Oddly the resolution of the problem is relatively easy. The philosophical (not religious) idea of grace needs to be implemented via reflective economic and monetary policies for both the individual and enterprise, and then the helping professions, the clergy and the world’s governments need to make an integrated effort to raise the individual’s consciousness of that concept and of the many positive and constructive purposes in addition to employment that one can pursue and enjoy. Grace as in monetary gifting and graciousness as in love in action have always been the secrets to a happy and productive life. All we really need to do is build institutions to support them so that they become more temporally apparent and more self actualized.

SOG:  socialism

Me:  The best and correct intention of socialism, that is monetary sharing for all…integrated with the best aspect of capitalism, abundance. And the understandings that there is nothing inherently wrong with profit, gain and that modern technologically advanced capital intensive economic systems are inherently cost inflationary and hence unstable without direct monetary gifting to the individual and reciprocal gifting of price and money at retail sale where costs are terminally summed and the economic process also ends.


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