Posted To Ellen Brown’s Blog 02/13/2017

SD:  I don’t take anything Trump says at face value, Emily, anymore than I did with Obama. There is no way in hell we are going to see Glass-Steagall resurrected, nor do I expect we will see NAFTA renegotiated in any meaningful way. Trump promised to reform medicare prescription rates by renegotiating prescription rates with Big Pharma, and has already backed away on that and agreed with his corporate handlers that there will be no changes to their rip off scams in that arena. Same thing has been happening with his promises to work towards cooperation with Russia, in fact as I predicted his neocon appointees have instead immediately moved to further inflame tensions with Russia, China, and Iran.

Me:  Exactly Stuart. And that is why maintaining the focus on and integrating any efforts to raise consciousness about the lack of structural financial competition and the monopolistic paradigms of finance is so important…because these two problems are the glue that keeps all of the systemic socio-economic, political and trans-national stupidities, including corporate dominance, in effect.

If there’s any strategy by Russia in this it is perhaps the sowing and fomenting of obsessive contentiousness in the US, the better to cripple the home and still military leader of Finance Capitalism which Putin as a Russian and former KGB operative undoubtedly has a wary historical, economic and geo-strategic regard for. Of course I don’t see Putin or any other national leader having much awareness of the solution to Finance either. They’re all caught up in international corporatist power plays and nationalist politics. Obsession with power and conflict is the modus operandi and apotheosis of Finance. The only place it can go is to the dust bin of history via monetary grace or drag us all into perdition. Despite being a panentheist and Quantum Scientific Animist I find the spiritual reflectivities ironic.

Never let our vision fall to a lesser target than Finance. It is the glue holding all other temporal idiocies in suspension.


I think the best stance on Trump is agnosticism. Unless or until he clearly breaks right and or corporatist, or indicates he’s aware of monetary movements like Public Banking/Social Credit and espouses policies reflecting that….how can anyone be sure where “his head is at”?

However, as I posted before with a guy like Steve Bannon as his chief strategist flux/confusion/change is his MO. I worry that Bannon who apparently is an advocate of “The Fourth Turning” which is a sketchy “pop” and amateurish view of Man and history authored by William Strauss and Neil Howe, has his ear. Strauss and Howe’s intellectual allegiances are linked to persons and corporations who believed in invalidated neo-liberal DSGE economic theory and the consequent moves toward mergers and acquisitions/hedge fund/derivatives nonsense that resulted in the “great financial crisis” in 2008, so I’m skeptical of the advice he’s getting.

If he was getting counsel aligned with the world’s major Wisdom traditions which is the best integration of the ideal and the practical and has a 10,000 year evolving history of observing Man and his interactions with the world…I’d be a lot more confident.


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