Re: Steve Keen’s Use of the Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process of The Dialectic As The Power Expression of The Cosmic Code and The Integrative Wholeness of The Cosmic Code Itself

Note: This is a spiritual essay, not a religious one, and yet it has absolutely no intention of impugning anyone’s religious beliefs supernatural, scientific or otherwise.

The Cosmic Code [ (A x B)  <–>  G/C ] is the expression of the trinity-unity-oneness-process of….the cosmos. It includes and encompasses the rational and dualistic process of the scientific method in its integrated duality (A x B). It can be partially consciously perceived through many different filters depending on the subject and discipline under examination. The only way to completely look at it and completely consciously perceive it is to include all three of the factors of the knowledge expression of The Cosmic Code namely:

[ (Science x Philosophy)  <–>  Wisdom/Intuition/Spirituality ] or put another way:

[ (Data x Ideas)  <–>  Conscious Personal Experience ]

As Science has now generally become the mere orthodoxy/religion of Scientism it plods along trying to solve problems and attain enlightenment….with (usually culturally biased) philosophy and the exclusion of Wisdom/Intuition/Spirituality/Conscious Personal Experience.  So Science/Scientism actually breaks the first two laws of good science itself which are to be both philosophically objective and to not exclude relevant existences like consciousness, human love and love in action , i.e. grace. Now a present day scientist might say that there is damned little consciousness, human love and grace extant….and he would be right….unless of course he understood that all behavior is itself an (incomplete/unwhole/fragmented) expression of consciousness, human love and love’s expression in the temporal universe, grace (CLG). In other words every human action is basically a sliding scale continuum of (CLG) monitored by, amongst other factors, inevitable human flaw, an individual’s personal level of mental/emotional integration, cultural/professional biases and their individual level of cultivated ethical sensitivity.

The point again is that the bias and mental filter of mere Science/Scientism misses/leaves out/misinterprets a lot of what exists and is utterly important in Life and Living, that is, the continuous if flawed, incomplete and unconscious expression of love and grace. The Natural Spiritual expression of The Cosmic Code  [ I/L –>  (A x B)  <–>  G/C ]   of course focuses more on the love, unity-oneness and process aspects of the Dialectical trinity.

In a recent video of his Steve Keen explains the economy via the Hegelian dialectic as the tension between forces in society where one aspect of the dialectic is forced to the foreground and its opposite to the background. He even gives token validity to the unity-oneness aspect of the trinitarian aspect of the whole, but it basically gets lost in his (valid yet fragmented) power expression of  The Cosmic Code/Duality Within Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process. Keen would also (perfectly legitimately) say that he is merely speaking about economics and sociology or even philosophically….which is my point that he’s not going to “go there” that is, to the level of spirituality despite the fact that the entire concept of trinity-unity-oneness-process originates from Wisdom/Intuition/Spirituality and so onto the temporal universe via the concept of a dialectic.

Finally, as history and both its breakthroughs and tragedies can be shown to be:

1 an unfolding expression of The Cosmic Code/Duality Within Trinity

2 the concept and raised consciousness, which is the signature of Wisdom/Spirituality down through the ages and

3  always a solidifying, self actualizing and hence the operant means of making reality more personally and fully real so that one is better able to focus upon and operate with whatever subject has been self actualized….it is incumbent upon us to

4  as quickly as possible open ourselves up to such an integrated/integrative Wisdom/Spirituality in order to more fully understand the entirety of the basic reality of trinity-unity-oneness-process….and so everything….including economics, sociology, philosophy and the whole of science and ourselves….which is just another way of describing The Cosmic Code.



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