The Laws of Wisdom-Integration: Compromise Of and Between Ideologies, Yes, But Only Integration Of Their Truths, Workabilities and Their Highest Ethical Intentions, Not Of Their Untruths, etc.

This is a law of Wisdom-Integration and it leads to true progress for all. Political compromise on the other hand almost always ends up re-inforcing only obsessive contention and the continued dominance of powers perceived or unperceived; and political power, even if it results in breaking up unhealthy deadlock and some forms of change that may appear important will inevitably end up in a reactionary situation unless the laws of Wisdom-Integration are adhered to. The genuine thirdness of the laws of Wisdom-Integration apply at all times, to all parties and all situations.

Even in times of war the sanity of Wisdom-Integration apply as in:

[ (Attack x Counter Attack)    Stop Attacking ]

When in doubt….integrate.


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