Posted To The Social Credit Google Group 01/17/2017

GM:  Winners write the history.  I’m not going to argue about whether central bank should or should not be independent, merely pointing out that attacking that independence frontally might resemble Pickett’s Charge at Gettysburg. That charge was the “high water mark” of the Confederacy; are you ready to talk about the “high water mark” of Social Credit?

Me:  Right. Precisely why we need a movement that educates interested constituencies about the workable way that social credit integrates the best aspects of the agendas of the left and right, namely abundant monetary freedom and economic democracy and the elimination of unnecessary and oppressive bureaucracies that become redundant with the application monetary gifting to the individual.  Gifting is utterly relevant to these economic agents, and one of the aspects of love and its active expression grace when it is consciously perceived by them is irresistibility.

GM:  Has grace been irresistible since Adam?  Salvation history is mostly about people resisting and rejecting it.

Me:  Yes, grace being love and loving freedom makes it one’s own best reward, and hence has always been irresistible to the fully conscious and healthily integrative mind. Of course people are confused, irrationally counter or other intended and so resistant to it both internally and externally…again precisely why educating apparently opposing economic agents to how its application to the economy is the way to accomplish both their partially integrative goals and better prosper at the same time.  Seems better than sowing doubt, endless debate and consequent inaction to me.


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