The Cosmic Code of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process: Part of the Woof and Warp of The Cosmos

The Cosmic Code of Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process is everywhere….if you simply look a little closer and deeper.

It’s in logic and thinking: [ (thesis x antithesis)  <–> synthesis ]

It’s in the very process of Wisdom-Integration:

[(truth of a perspective  x  truth of opposing perspective)  <–>  fuller/whole truth ]

It’s in the therapeutic/resolution process:

[ (personal postulate x opposing personal postulate)  <–>  resolution of personal problem

It’s all over nature:

a leaf   [ (the two symmetrical sides of a leaf)  <–>  and the stem in its middle from which both sides emerged ]

a tree   [ (trunk, branches)  <–>  roots from which they grew/emerged

a river  [ (source, course)  <–>  mouth ]

atomic structure  [ (proton x neutron)  <–>  electron ]

It’s in electro-magnetism:  [ (+ charge  x  – charge)  <–>  electricity/electric field ]

It’s in mathematics/Fibonacci sequence/cosmic structure:  [ (3, 5)  <–>  8 ] etc.

It’s in the cycle of action of the physical-temporal universe itself:

[ (Start, Change)  <–>  Stop ]

It’s in natural philosophy:  (Duality)  within Trinity-Unity-Oneness-Process [     ]   ….as in:

[ (A  x  B)  <–>  C ]

It’s in spirituality:

Christianity [ (Father  x  Son)  <–>  Holy Spirit ]

Hinduism/Buddhism  [ (Maya-Dualism)  <–>  Atman/Tao ]



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