Wisdomics-Gracenomics: The Actual Neo-Classical Synthesis

What is referred to as “the neo-classical synthesis” is actually just dominant financial ideology in disguise. A chronic scarcity of individual income in ratio to costs/prices cannot be resolved by any means of monetary injection that adds moment to moment net costs and thus results in the continuance of the dominance of finance. Hence the only monetary policies that make valid economic sense are those that are costless gifts. Ironically the solution is not mere attainment of statistical equilibrium which drops out the factor of time, hence  is static and will always remain “behind the curve” of actual dynamic economic free flowingness. The correct goal is reversing the dynamic scarcity ratio above so that a “higher dynamic disequilibrium” is attained and maintained through time thus freeing the individual and competitive enterprise from austerity with monetary abundance, enabling a systemic “orbital” free flowingness and correcting the monopoly state of finance all in one fell swoop.

Wisdomics-Gracenomics, the real and actual Neo-Classical Synthesis.


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